B-flat/A: Buffet Crampon R-13
E-flat: Buffet Crampon RC Prestige
Bass: Buffet Crampon Tosca


B-flat/A: Wodkowski 1B, Wodkowski 2, Riffault
E-flat: vintage Chedeville, Hawkins S
Bass: vintage Penzel-Mueller, Selmer C*

Varying degrees of customization and refacing applied to most pieces


B-flat/A: Silverstein CRYO 4T, Ishimori solid silver plated with pink gold, Harrison gold-plated, BG Duo gold-plated
E-flat: Silverstein CRYO4, Harrison gold-plated
Bass: Silverstein CRYO4T, Harrison gold-plated

B-flat/A: Paulus & Schuler ZOOM barrels
E-flat: Paulus & Schuler ZOOM barrel, Clark W. Fobes cocobolo extension


B-flat/A: Peter Leuthner French cut 3.5
E-flat: Peter Leuthner German cut 3.5
Bass: Rico Grand Concert Select 3.5